Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Very First Post, and why

Alison Potter, of Glastonbury, Somerset, wrote:
We came to the London Unschooling conference in 2009. I loved listening to you, you were my favourite—you made so much sense to me and left me with a lovely warm glow. Thank you for your website full of amazing tales of wonder and discovery and for your love of life and children. Sometimes i need a paper reminder... Do you do daily email reminders too?
And so in response to Alison Potter, who already has both my books and who wants more input, I launch this series of frequent (perhaps daily) notes.

It is September 2, 2010, and I've been a mother since 1986. My three children are safely and happily grown, without school, and there are things I can share with others.


  1. Great. Just what I've been longing for.

  2. I'm just realising that it is going to take time to have this US thing down pat. In 1986 there was still two years before I was thought of.
    Thanks for spreading your joy and insight... I will be seeking out this site whenever needed.

  3. Didn't know you had another blog, glad to run across it, thanks for your inspiration:)


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