Thursday, September 30, 2010

Art and Perspective

Usually the perspective people talk about with art has to do with angles and using size and color to show distance. This is about the moment, and the surroundings, and the contrast. As happens sometimes with the photos of tourists and amateurs, I did not plan this lighting and drama. I only saw it later, in the photo.

Just seconds later, the same angel, different angle, there are modern details the angel sees every day, plus Linnaea Waynforth, and across on the other wall, art by children.

This was in a church in Bunwell, in Norfolk, one town over from where Schuyler Waynforth lives. We were there to hear bell ringers practice, on a summer day in 2009.

That angel is still there, but I'm in Albuquerque at a table with a tessalations puzzle out, sitting in a wooden chair constructed without nails or screws—all mortise, tenon and peg. I have three I got at a flea market, and the ratty table that came with them. They were made in New Mexico, probably in the 1940's. They're not fancy, but they are art, and history. There's a rice bowl near me, left over from my dinner. I don't know where it was made, or by whom. There are no markings. My husband got it at a thrift store in Minnesota.

Art is where you are.

Those photos can be enlarged with a click.


  1. By e-mail, with permission to pass it on to readers here:

    We just got a new to us Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) last month. There is lots of Mario playing going on right now. I was playing Super Mario Bros. 3 the other day and I had just played the card flip bonus game. A little while later I was reading your Big Book of Unschooling and I randomly flipped to the section on math. You talked about how Kirby learned about deductive reasoning by using the charts in the player's guide to solve the bonus card game in Super Mario Bros. 3. I don't have a player's guide but I found that there are lots of maps online that chart out video game levels. See? I think these maps are beautiful! I got the Just Add Light and Stir email today and it was about art being where you are. These maps are definitely art. I am enjoying them on a rainy day, sitting with my son watching movies and making connections.

    Thanks for enriching my life with your thoughts and words.

    Marin Holmes

  2. Schuyler's family did live there in 2009, but it's been a while. :-)


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