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I've brought this one here, from July 1, 2014:
Yesterday [June 30, 2014], two posts launched. That messes me up. I will probably change the date of one to today's date. Later.

Thank you for reading this. Since I started this project in September, 2010, there have been 1400 or so posts. Some are repeats, but not many, and I usually change the photo even when the quote is the same. Because good things keep being written, spoken and photographed, there's a stream of newness, too!

Those who read this in e-mail should remember that the format is usually nicer at the blog. You can get there by clicking on the title of the post, in your e-mail. When you're at the blog, there are posts below that are related somehow (sometimes it's fun to click and see what blogger found them to have in common), and a randomizer to the left (Joyce Fetteroll found me the blog-randomizing code, and the art came from Spartali, at Fiverr.com.)

Lately I've played around at the fiverr site quite a bit, buying things for Learn Nothing Day. July 24th will be the 7th Learn Nothing Day. I'm moving the art and notes from my website over to that blog (backdating when the date was known) so all the history and art will be in one place, with (of course!) a randomizer. That blog will quiet way down after July 24, until next year. Subscribing there will not fill up your mailbox. http://learnnothingday.blogspot.com.

There are a few other blogs I post in occasionally. Thinking Sticks is where I put interesting connections or trails I think are too long for other places. It's one of my favorites, but there are fewer than 100 posts in seven years, so you can safely subscribe (though it might be hard to tell you have, because it might be a month or three before another post, but I think they're good ones).

Outside articles or things on other sites are collected here: http://unschooling.blogspot.com

Then there are the wheelbarrows. Whatever piques your interest is likely to connect to history, art, geography, poetry, film, children, grandparents, work and play. Wheelbarrows certainly do.