On July 17, 2013, instead of an illustration, I put
(Insert mental image
of your door

Here I will add doors, some with views, that I've seen, or that others might send me, for people thinking about the idea of seeing the possibilities rather than the limitations, of doors, and rules, and fears, and controls.

A door in the cloisters at Chichester Cathedral, July 2013:

Out Bea's kitchen door, in Sheffield, 2011

Leith Castle, a door in a wall, 2011

Some doors used in Just Add Light already, which are links to those posts:

Because I'm gradually changing the code on all the photos (that's a lot of photos), when a post is upgraded, I add tag, partly so I can tell by the tags that the post has been stabilized. So now we can find some more doors with that!

and frame... sometimes that's a door, or window, or hole.


  1. Sandra,
    I have my own collection of doors, but I have seen so many that I started collecting steps. Door can always be closed to you, but steps always lead somewhere. I love your picture of the Dutch door leading out to the steps with flower pots on each tread. May you always walk with flowers.

  2. I have two pieces of art now that are steps, leading up. I agree with you. Sometimes doors are painted shut, but steps are cool!!

    I'm sorry I missed this when it was posted. It was my birthday, and I was travelling, and I never did catch up with the e-mail from that week.

  3. I collect door knob photos when we travel. I have knob photos from 29 countries now. :D Similar reasons as stated in the previous posts... turning or pulling a door knob is like the start of a new adventure.

  4. Carrie, if you want to send a phot of some of your door knobs, I'd love to use it in one of the posts! :-)

    A few of the pictures I've used (or will—that I've saved) are close-ups of door latches, or knobs and keyplates. :-)


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