Friday, September 17, 2010

An Abundance of Beauty

Helping children discover and appreciate art can be difficult when the parents' idea of art has to do with galleries and oil paintings from other centuries. School creates a limited view of art, and culture reinforces that.

There is no topic or subject or pursuit that doesn't connect to or consist of art. Here's a linguistic example: "Artificial" once meant magnificently lifelike or cunningly wrought. It wasn't an insult until fairly recently (in linguistic time, which is slower than human time, but not as slow as geological time). I find beauty in the forms and histories of words.

For flat art, you can look at paintings, photographs and graphics at (and buy prints or posters if you want). For things for children to play with (children, teens or adults), there are many links here: (interactive online, or physical fun at home).

I hope readers will contribute to a list of places to look for art, or things to see as art. I will name five and give links. Please leave a blog comment, if you wish, and name as many or as few as you like, with or without links. If you want to create a clickable link, directions are here: I wrote them myself, so don't be afraid. It's pretty easy.

My five:
the dashboards of cars



holiday adornment

game boards

(the image above is an art card made and given to me by Erika Davis-Pitre)


  1. just found this blog, Sandra, and LOVE it! here's some our recent favorites:
    face painting

  2. Beautiful, beautiful images, and there will be more today. No matter where you are, or who you are, if you look at shape, form and color, at coincidence and pattern, you can find beauty.


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