Monday, September 6, 2010

Breathing and safety

Deep breaths change everything, for a few moments.

From Tiny Monsters, which deals with my firstborn being four, and one of my own early memories:
I have something of a monster antidote: breathing. Breathe deeply and calmly. Get oxygen into that part of you that fears the tiny monsters. Once you master calming your hurts and fears (or at least calming the adrenaline that would make you lash out), you'll have time to think about how to deal with them rationally and sweetly and compassionately.


  1. I never tire of this wonderfully simple solution!

    Thank-you, Sandra for you calm, clear and experienced voice, that has guided me (and my family) on this joyous unschooling journey.

  2. It's amazing how breathing deeply can help! I went and read your full article, and it's so beautiful, so full of wisdom. It's something I really needed to read right now. *thank you* ♥

  3. Thanks for the sweet words.

    I forgot to say that the bloom is from my False Sea Onion, an odd plant a friend of a friend foisted upon me a few years ago. I had no idea they bloomed.


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