Friday, September 3, 2010


Music doesn't live in notes on paper, it lives in the air.

People can be musical without knowing how to read or write music, just as people can be very verbal, tell stories, be poetic and dramatic without reading or writing.

The first and best thing you can do concerning music is to have it in your lives, recorded and live, performed by others, performed by yourselves by singing, at least.

Images are links; singing-woman is me.


  1. We love music! My daughter is always singing something, either made up or something she has heard. I love to listen to her sing. The coolest part is that she really listens and hears the words. And asks questions. I love when she asks questions.

  2. Mine, too. Even at 19, we look up words to songs, and names of composers, and follow trails to other songs.

    Are you familiar with this site? That's fun. We have musical joke within the family, too, and one came up the other day in the car on the way back from a road trip we took to hear my sister perform music! :-)

    On the way there, we played "Encore" in the car, and the first song my sister sang had one of those words, and by the end of the evening she "had played" four other rounds. Encore is described 1/3 of the way down here: and a close-ish online version (though typing will never be as fun as singing) is here: (I don't always keep that game up, but you could use it as "cards" to play the game in person at your house.)


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