Saturday, September 4, 2010

Something Important is Happening

My kids don't mind following rules when they join clubs or attend meetings in places with rules. . .

I think one reason they don't mind . . . is that they haven't already "had it up to here" with rules, as kids have who have a whole life of home rules and school rules. They find rules kind of fascinating and charming, honestly. When Holly's had a dress code for a dance class or acting class she is THRILLED.

Maybe also because they haven't been forced to take classes or go to gaming shops (?!?) they know they're there voluntarily and part of the contract is that they abide by the rules. No problem.
. . . .

Something important is happening.

from "Living by Principles instead of by Rules"

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  1. This was sent by e-mail, and I have permission to share it:


    I observed something similar with my own children.  Because, at home,
    every rule had a reason (you just had to ask why) and all of the rules  
    at home MADE SENSE, my children grew up assuming that rules in other places must make sense, also.

    However, woe to you if your rules did NOT make sense!  Caleb, in particular, has a low "bullshit tolerance," and he would make his
    displeasure known over a nonsensical rule.

    Nancy in Indiana


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