Sunday, September 19, 2010


Any tiny moment can be enjoyed: the feel of warm running water when you wash your hands; light and shadow on the floor; pictures in the clouds; the feel of an old book....

If you practice noticing and experiencing joy, if you take a second out of each hour to find joy, your life improves with each remembrance of your new primary goal. You don't need someone else to give you permission, or to decide whether or not what you thought gave you joy was an acceptable source of enjoyment.


  1. I love this- it is so very Zen! We just have to actually REMEMBER to do it!

  2. Sandra,
    I am not responding to the actual posting above, but instead I am saying thank-you for being a name that sticks out within the Unschooling Network via all the work you have done. I/we have just started Unschooling and I am finding the shift tough to bring to the practical side of life. Thank-you for this site and all the other bits of insight and freedom you are sharing with us.
    Continuously Greatful,
    Candice Thompson


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