Saturday, September 2, 2017

Seven Years of Adding Light

Just Add Light and Stir was started in 2010 as a daily inspiration. Somehow it didn't occur to me that it might last seven years. So here begins Year #8.

I hope some of the posts have helped you be patient, and to smile.

Thanks for reading!

Last request for donations until 2020:
beautiful stripey photo by Jill Parmer

Sorry I missed posting yesterday; I was up late
playing Chronology at the Free to Be Unschooling conference.

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  1. Jill Parmer took the beautiful photo with the stripey leaves and chair. I didn't. I woke up a few hours after the post launched realizing I forgot to change the default credit that comes up in the template.

    THANK YOU, Jill, for letting me use the photo, and I'm sorry if you saw this before I repaired it and it might have seemed I was trying to swipe it.

    I'm grateful to those who have let me use their photos here, and their words, to cheer and amuse and inspire other unschoolers to start their days with a peaceful thought.

    To those who read these by e-mail, please do click through to the blog sometimes and look at some of the other, older posts. The peeks into other families' days, and lives, their thoughts and encouragement, give us more shared reminders of beauty and peace, and quiet moments and of laughter.


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