Sunday, September 2, 2018

Eight Light Years!

Okay, eight years. Lots of light, but slowed down Earth years. Slowed down-to-Earth years.

September 2 is Just Add Light and Stir's anniversary!

May the richness and riches of this trove of words and photos seep into your soul and give you sweet dreams and good ideas.
Airy and Bright
Homely home-made cake, and photo, by Sandra Dodd


  1. From Jody by e-mail:

    Happy Birthday to Just add light and stir!
    I thank it for showing me an extension of the attachment parenting I have been practising since the birth of my first child 22 years ago.
    I was not brought up with the lightness of ideas presented here, it hasn't always been easy for me - it has been worth it though.
    Thank you. X

  2. Dave wrote:

    Much appreciated!

    I look forward to the lightness and inspiration every morning!

  3. Also by e-mail (response to the subscription mailing):

    Alex: "Thank you so much for putting this beautiful project and for continuing it so faithfully. "

    Anon: " May your day be filled with as much joy as you have provided all of us grateful recipients."

    Susanna: "Sending so much love and gratitude on Just Add Light's Birthday! What a wonderful gift you give"

    Marianne: "Congratulations! and thank you so much. Sweet dreams is exactly right. I worry less because of your insight and love. Thank you!"


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