Sunday, January 4, 2015

What's happening?

Robyn Coburn wrote:
I suspect that any time a parent new to unschooling starts thinking "This isn't working" it is because they are holding on to an expectation.

Expectations can get in the way of seeing what is really happening.
—Robyn Coburn
photo by James Daniel, of Julie and Adam at the Grand Canyon

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  1. Jah love. Give thanks and praises for sharing. This is sooo true. I expected my children to learn to read and write and to do other cognitive tasks as quickly as possible. And I found the process to be frustrating and unnerving. I tried to overdo the "teaching" and that caused a lot of problems for us. I wanted my children to feel loved and to thrive on the love that I felt for them. Unfortunately, that was not the result. In the end, the stresses of daily life as a 2nd generation transnational Haitian American Nyabinghi Rastafari were too much. I know that if given the opportunity, I will do better. And I am thankful for this blog in helping me to see the light. Blessed love.


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