Monday, January 2, 2012

What if a parent is afraid?

Part of my response to a request for advice to fearful parents:

Turn away from the school and look directly at your children. Look at them as individuals, rather than as students, or third graders or eight-year-olds. Look at their potential, their interests, their sweetness, and find ways to preserve and nurture those.
. . .
Don't do school. Do life as though school didn't exist. Live to learn; learn to live. If after really trying it as hard and as honestly and fully as you can for an extended period of time you can't get it to work, then you can always go back to a curriculum.

School has already taken twelve or more years of your freedom and individuality. You don't have to let it take your adult life as well. You don't have to let it have your child.
photo by Sandra Dodd


  1. "Wow" meaning "nice"?
    Or "Wow-you're-crazy"?

  2. Wow, meaning this is fantastic--bold, liberating and inspiring. The more I live this unschooling life with my son, the more I realize what was taken from me as a child and young adult. I don't mean that in an I feel sorry for myself kind of way, just in an I can finally be myself kind of way. Seeing and feeling that change in myself helps me look more directly at my son. And, what I see inspires me. I am inspired by Ethan's potential, interests and sweetness. I'm excited about uncovering mine again. Thanks, Sandra.


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