Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oranges and water

There have been a couple of discussions in which people said strewing was manipulative and sneaky. I don't see it that way at all. If I know what kinds of things my children could use being exposed to to be more well rounded, or to "fill in gaps" in what they know, or to take them to another level of understanding, bringing those things up in physical or conversational ways is no more "manipulative" than bringing more fruit into the house if there hasn't been much fruit consumption lately, or bringing them bottles of water on hot summer days. I don't need to force them to eat oranges or drink water, but I can notice it might be good for them and make it appealing.

photo by Sandra Dodd
of a picture of a steam engine
on a steam engine


  1. There's a big difference between "strewing" and "forcing". To me it's the difference between availability and requirement.

    If I register my child to a dancing class because he seems to have an interest in dancing at home or with friends, while he has not sought for it, it is not the same as if I put some music on and I dance myself, showing that I am available and if it wants too, he can dance ... or he may choose to just listen to the music, or sit and watch or even ask to stop the music because it bothers him now.


  2. I agree that strewing isn't manipulative. Whenever I come across something, be it a book, website,etc, that will add to my child's interest, I let him know about it. Yesterday, I found a German public tv station that streams live shows and has online video available. My son is learning German but said he needs to hear it in the real world. Anyway, we watched a show online from the station and he enjoyed it. BUT....I will not force him to watch it--the chose is his. :)


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