Sunday, July 24, 2011

Unschoolers' Holiday!
art by Sandra and Holly Dodd, from photos by Sandra and Holly Dodd
(I did the black lines, and Holly did the photoshop fill-in.)



  1. I suppose you know that since I clicked on it and read every description, I learned far too much to learn nothing today. Oh! And Benjamin already watched a video about Amelia Earhart on BrainPOP this morning. Oi! And, we found the exoskeleton of our crayfish in his tank...

    Gee. Maybe next year we'll learn nothing today!

    Thanks Sandra...wonderful post!!

  2. Oh, rats!!! My kids are going to be disappointed that we missed it. We had wanted to participate in Leaning Nothing Day this year, and I didn't realize it was yesterday! We did it last year, though, and we love Learn Nothing Day. LOL :D

  3. Whoa, missy. Back up there and stop laughing. Any family that misses Learn Nothing Day should probably schedule a make-up session within two weeks' time. This is the ONLY day of the WHOLE year you were asked to do something and you're trying to slough it off!? OH no, that's not right. The rest of us suffered. You need to suffer too. Get back in there and try to learn nothing.


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