Sunday, July 31, 2011

Be where your child is.

For unschooling to work, parents need to stop looking into the future and live more in the moment with their real child. BEING with a child is being where the child is, emotionally and spiritually and physically and musically and artistically. Seeing where the child *is* rather than seeing a thousand or even a dozen places she is not.
photo by Sandra Dodd


  1. I had always wanted to learn to be live in the moment, but it seemed a great mystery. Having my daughter and becoming an unschooler, I finally get it! Most days, anyway. I didn't even know until I read this post today. I'm not worried about the future, or fussing over the past. We are living together, happily, every day. What a nice way to be. Thanks for your help!

  2. Thanks for that translation, Edith.

    Amy, I'm quoting you in the January 11, 2013 post. I'm not sure whether you meant to write
    " learn to be alive in the moment" or
    " learn to live in the moment" or
    " learn to be live" (the adjective "live" as in live TV, live theatre, live wire)
    but then I realize any of them work, and the set of three can work together. :-)

    I liked your comment.

    1. Amy wrote:

      I tried to comment on the blog, but it doesn't seem to be going through.

      " learn to live in the moment" is what I meant, but I like all three translations.

      I'm sorry that some people aren't able to comment on this blog. I've tried changing settings. Something's wrong with it somewhere, maybe.


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