Monday, July 4, 2011

Four steps to unschooling

Some people think they can read their way to unschooling, or that if they can win enough arguments about how learning works, that then they will be unschoolers. That's not how it happens.

If you do these four things, in this order, enough times, you might discover you are fully and confidently unschooling:
Read a little.

Try a little.

Wait a while.

photo by Sandra Dodd


  1. Sandra I have been reading your stuff for a while, and as a writer myself I am enjoying your simplicity and style and warmth. I just want to say I really love you! You are such a kind and clever sstruggle spite of writing several pieces on unschooling and education, I still struggle letting go, in the face of the conventional people in our lives. I love them dearly but I love my kids more. I tread a fine line of unschooling and worrying what the neighbours, cleaning lady etc etc... might say to others, how they will interpret our time. I'm sure this is the same thing lots of unschoolers struggle with - doing it in the face of others who don't hold the same ideals. Reading your little nuggets of wisdom gives me courage every day to say "you know what, it doesn't matter what those people think'. What matters is how me and mine all feel about their education every day, right now. I guess that's all we have!

  2. That meant to say you a such a kind and clever soul, and I struggle in spite of writing several pieces on unschooling and education! My real name is Paula Cleary by the way :-)

  3. Thanks. If you think of it as learning instead of as "education," that will help a little, too. When your children's learning and happiness are apparent to relatives, friends and the cleaning lady, that will help your confidence.

  4. Thank you Sandra ! Here is the introduction of my translation of your post as I publish on our blog:
    Sandra Dodd has the right words. Her words touch my heart and encourage me to continue to dare. To dare to live a real life. For my children, for me, for all of us. Here is the translation of her blog of July 4, 2011.
    Here, in french:


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