Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Big Deals

I found a note on my desk, in my handwriting, that says "How long do you think it will be before it's not a big deal?"
At first I couldn't remember why I had written it, but it was an idea for an interview I'm planning.

It's a good question for many occasions, though. How long before our school successes or hurts aren't a big deal? In hindsight, you might have personal worries or stories that once obscured the entire horizon, and now they're not the big deals they once were. photo by Sandra Dodd
Click here and the photo for two sources of examples of once-big excitement.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your note, Sandra.

    I've been getting my undies in a bunch over a project I'm involved in with other homeschoolers. Feeling like I'm pouring a lot into it and attempting to make it a great experience, yet my ideas are getting shot down for silly reasons, while the moms who are just phoning it in and doing the minimum are being treated much better.

    At first reading this quote brought those feelings to mind. Thinking on it a bit, I decided I should keep this idea in the forefront of my brain as I deal with a variety of challenging situations.

    I'm going to print it out and hang it in my mirror (where it will keep company with other quotes from your site.)


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