Saturday, July 30, 2011

Twenty-five and twenty; tired and happy

I've been a mother for twenty-five years. I've just come to my room following Kirby's birthday party, which involved a ton of shopping, rearranging, cleaning, cooking, and then ten hours (so far; I clocked out at ten) of guests and activities. Rock band is still going on in the den; Marty's there. In the library, Kirby is talking to friends. Holly has been asleep for a while. Keith's been asleep for five hours.

I'm in the quiet after the colorful, laughter-filled storm.

Twenty years ago this summer, we did not register our five year old for kindergarten; we registered him as a homeschooler. That's a long time. No wonder I'm tired!
photo by Sandra Dodd
That's Kirby in the red shirt on the left of the photo.


  1. Happy birthdays to all of you ! Congratulations and a million thanks for this life and daring to have kept traces for all of us and for everything you do volunteer to help others.
    Thank you so much !

  2. Happy 25th Mom Birthday! I've only celebrated 10 mom birthdays so far.


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