Monday, February 21, 2011

"The goal"

If I saw [unschooling] simply as a means to get them to college, I might be nervous. I see it as a way to live. I don't see it as keeping the kids out of college or hampering their opportunities for formal learning if they go that route, I'm not holding college up to them or me as “the goal.” The goal, for me, is that they will be thoughtful, compassionate, curious, kind and joyful. That's all. That's not asking much, is it? I think if those traits are intact in them, they will continue to learn their whole lives.
photo by Sandra Dodd
Words 1998; Image 2011.


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  2. Dear Sandra,
    I come every week on this blog to read you and see your inspiring pictures. I also read here and there, in recent years, some of your writings and I really love. I still hope to have the chance to meet you someday. I was disappointed to have you missed last June when you came to Montreal because we were invited to a wedding on the same day. :-(

    Congratulations for this blog and thank you for inspiration!


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