Sunday, February 4, 2024

Be more involved

Joyce Fetteroll wrote:

Unschooling is the opposite of both authoritarian and hands-off parenting. It's neither about creating rules to remote parent nor about letting kids jump off cliffs. It's about being more involved in kids lives. It's about accompanying them as they explore, helping them find safe, respectful and empowering ways to tackle what intrigues them.
—Joyce Fetteroll
photo by Eleanor Chong

This image might be hard to interpret. It's wintry yard art. A forked branch was stuck in a container of water, and when the top layer froze, it was pulled out and hung up as a temporary decoration.

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  1. I don't respond much these days, but your posts in my email inbox are still a favorite thing in my days. My grown unschoolers are out and about making their own lives. I continue to cherish these notes for my personal growth just as much as when my kids were little.


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