Friday, November 18, 2022

"Prior"—what comes first?

Someone inquiring about unschooling once complained:
"You seem to be saying that the two priorities are mutually exclusive."
Joyce wrote:

When we're trying to achieve two goals there will be times when a decision will lead towards one but away from another.

I responded:

Priorities have literally to do with rankings. Two "priorities" can't be equal, or there is no "priority" (first-in-lineness, precedence). So if they are to be called "priorities" then I suppose one has to exclude the other at that point of decision making. But people can have two favorite causes or missions or concerns, and lots of times the precedence of them won't matter. When it does, that's when they learn their priorities.

Both of us wrote a bit more than that, at
photo by Drew

Older buildings are reflected in the window; Silver City, New Mexico, a few years ago.

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