Saturday, May 28, 2022

Live, play, explore, enjoy

Colleen Prieto wrote:

I do my best to make sure my son is undamaged. I was told when I was a child “you haven’t earned happy yet – talk to me when you’re my age – when you’re my age we’ll talk.”

I don’t think kids should have to earn happy when there’s the opportunity to let them live every day, out in the world (not in a classroom), making their own choices without guilt and shame, enjoying today instead of spending every today preparing for tomorrow as if today’s not good enough and tomorrow’s the only thing that counts.

I wish more people could see that (to me anyway) that’s what unschooling does. It lets kids live. And play. And explore. And enjoy. It lets them live like they don’t need to earn happy.
photo by Cátia Maciel

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  1. Cátia sent a note, about the photo:

    What the kids have on their heads, in the photo, is called "tina" a musical instrument from Guiné Bissau.

    (That's Guinea-Bissau in English; it's in West Africa, between Senegal and Guinnea, where it's green, not in the northern deserty part.)


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