Monday, October 18, 2021

Small choices

If you decide how you want your home to be, and then make choices that get you nearer to that, things will get gradually better.

If you don't decide, or if you don't think of it many times a day when you make small choices, and decide how to act and react, then things won't get better.

Not every step will be forward, but if most of them are, then you'll make progress.
photo by Janine Davies

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  1. I love this photo, because there are windows galore. The flat, still image of a busy, deep game is one. To the upper right is a view of a lower roof—very English out there. Some of the collection of figures of cactus that can't really live there lead back down to the mousepad showing Grabby Crabby.

    The hand of the child, on the mouse, on the mousepad, is sweet. The performer who embodied Grabby Crabby is his dad, and Grabby Crabby has a special hand/claw, which is hard to describe so you can look for yourself here:

    Captain Mack — A Pumpkin Problem (good season for pumpkin stories)

    And here is where I last used this image:
    Easier to jump

    Thanks for reading my over-analysis of a snapshot. I love all these photos, and falling into the stories and details.


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