Sunday, March 17, 2019

Time Out

Time out, please. I have tried to keep up here as though everything is normal, but I've missed a couple of days, and had more re-runs than usual. Tonight I'm too tired, but will share two things. #1 is this photo of me and baby Kirby Athena, taken by her dad yesterday; and #2, that her only grandpa, who is also my husband, has been in intensive care for two weeks. Today he's better than he has been, but it has not been steady improvement over the two weeks.

I might miss a few more posts in the coming days, or share more of the "greatest hits" or special forgotten posts from the past eight-and-a-half years.

Be happy with your families, please! Be grateful for all good things.

photo by Kirby Dodd, the Elder


  1. Thoughts are with you Sandra.xx It truly is amazing how I have to work on being grateful daily for all the good things in my life otherwise a default seems to happen and I slide back into a resentful, complaining way of being. Maybe a conditioning of being brought up that way.. I hope one day the default will be gratefulness and happiness.

  2. A year later, Keith is really very well. Odds are he wouldn't have been he had four cardiac arrests (three on day 1, another on day 8) but since then he has recovered and improved and is back to yard work and playing with grandbabies.


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