Sunday, March 31, 2019

Positivity from dark days

I have had a rough month. I hope yours was better! How can we know what is "rough" and what is "better," though, without considering the range of possibilities, or the variations in our own lives, at least?
March 31 is my wedding anniversary. People might read this afterwards, but in 2019, it's 35 years. And if you read this in 2019, my husband has been in the hospital since March 3. He had three cardiac arrests in one day. He's recovering well, though, which is statistically unexpected. It's easy for me to see this month as "bad." But is that fair? Keith is alive, and is in rehab getting his strength back, and telling me which bills to pay when, and from which account.

There are others reading who are grieving, or afraid, displaced, in dispute with a co-parent. Find the light moments, and the laughter, with your child. Be as soothing as you can be, because soothing them will also soothe you.

Be sweet; be well.
Comparisons and judgments
photo by Amy Milstein


  1. Sending healing thoughts your way. How like you to continue sharing words that light the days for others even from the dark. Sending hugs, too.

    1. Yes Tracy I so agree with your comment. It makes my dark moments seem trivial in comparison. But thank you Sandra for your words of wisdom. They are very timely as they always seem to be for me. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart because your daily words always seem to light my darkness or they give me something to be mindful of as I go about my days with the children. Warmest hugs your way.

  2. Keith is home (April 9; he's been here since yesterday afternoon). Still gimpy and recovering.

    I said threee cardiac arrests above, and it's true. But he had another on March 12 (9 days after the first) that they had called something else, but it was clarified for us last week that it was #4 in the series. We're still at 4. I hope it stays that way!

    Having him home is worlds sweeter and easier.


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