Sunday, January 8, 2017

Joining in joy

#1 reason to love the internet: You're reading this page!

#2 reason to love the internet: pictures, music, video, art, voices... (Oh wait; that's lots of reasons!)

I love the internet,
I love my website,
I love history, and
I love the future.

Robyn Coburn wrote something once about her dad, who was a professional juggler. I put it on a webpage, as a connection from another juggling page I had, and...

One thing led to another. She got to see video of her dad juggling. You can see it too, because the internet is wonderful.
photo by Amanda Lyn Custer
Robyn, on her dad, and the video of him

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  1. By e-mail I got a beautiful comment. I'll leave it anonymous:

    I always love Just Add Light and Stir for the joyfulness it brings to my day. Today's post was particularly pertinent, because my 16yo always-unschooled son is embarking on a career in circus, having just been accepted into a Certificate 4 in Circus Arts with Australia's National Institute of Circus Arts!!

    Circus is his passion and unschooling was the environment in which it flourished, the environment in which he was able to pursue his passion, passionately!

    I will share this email and the links from your site with him. He will enjoy finding out more about the history or juggling and about Robyn's father, too.

    Thanks for all that you do, Sandra, to enrich the lives of unschooling families and help parents be more peaceful, kind partners with their kids. You have been a lifeline for me on more than one occasion and it was a pleasure to meet you in Melbourne a couple of years ago!


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