Saturday, May 28, 2016

Solid improvement

"It's human nature to justify and explain why loving parents did what they did to us. It's also human nature to try to do better for our children than our parents did for us. So those two things together create a tension (like cables on a bridge, holding it in place) that keeps the world from changing so quickly that it's unrecognizeable, but keeps it improving."
—Sandra Dodd
The quote was saved and shared by Susan May on facebook,
from a comment I wrote on a blogpost: "I turned out fine"

(backup copy)
photo by Colleen Prieto

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  1. This tension bridge idea has been with me for a few days. I think it is a really really good analogy. The tension pulling up and the tension pulling down and the balance, the safe passage down the middle.
    I might or might not have the physics correct there. ;)
    Anyway, thank you for this.


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