Monday, February 16, 2015

Words and thoughts

Words and thoughts are what you will use to change your beliefs and behaviors.
image made at Wordle by Sandra Dodd


  1. I noticed my name and it made me happy :-)

    Then the kids came to the table and noticed my name and the words around it and that made them very happy. I had two giggling children telling me "often Dusseldorp kid's control Rippy". They made it into a song and sang it for me for breakfast. I think Gisele tried to hypnotize me. Is there a way to know if she's been successful? Maybe you know something I don't ;-).

    I wish Patrick Jane was here to help me figure it out...

  2. According to the image (which was randomly generated from a link to this blog), they should be controlling thoughtfully.

  3. I did mention the controlling thoughtfully part of the sentence to them, but they said it could be read both ways. They chose to omit the word thoughtfully in their song. The nerve!


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