Sunday, February 22, 2015

They just like it

My children have curiosity and joy and compassion. I will not trade that for all the worksheets in the state. My children have never 'gotten an F' and they've never gotten an A. They like learning because they like it.
photo by Lisa Jonick


  1. When they were 18 or nineteen, they all took a few college classes, so they eventually dealt with grades, but not as young children! :-)

    Marty (as I write this) is still a part-time student, taking a couple of classes each semester in addition to working full time.

  2. 2018 update: Marty has a degree in Economics, minor in Geography. He has had some grades now. He still enjoyed that learning, and told us stories of what he had heard and read and discovered.

    Holly took a 200 hour yoga-teacher-training course, with a too-long test, about which no student was happy, and though it frustrated her, she has enjoyed looking at the marks and comments on it, and said she will look back on it over time to see what she comes to understand that she didn't yet know well enough (or have enough time) to write out that day.


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