Thursday, November 20, 2014

A series of selves

Today is Marty's wedding day. I don't yet know how to be the mother of a married person. This is new to me. It is new to all of us.

Yesterday, we stopped for fuel as the sun was rising, in Holbrook, Arizona. I wanted a panoramic photo, but one lone bird was in the shot. I took another without the bird, but when I got a chance to look at them closely, the bird was the best part—repeated as if by magic. That series of positions made me think of Marty's first 25 years, and my gratitude for having aided and witnessed his early growth.

Marty views the world through his own eyes. He is seeing each moment with all his gathered knowledge and wisdom.

I see Marty in all his stages. I remember learning I was expecting a second child. His eyes, when he was a newborn, were full of thoughts. He was gentle, and strong, as he grew. He was patient, and sweet. In each of his stages and sizes, his newnesses seemed to create a new and different Marty. His face changed, his smile, his voice, his shape, and hair. In my heart I have been collecting the whole set.
The photo can be clicked to enlarge.


  1. Congratulations.... you receive another daughter today xxx

  2. A friend once told me that when her son got married she felt glad that he wanted what he had seen growing up: a close relationship between two people, children, and a loving home. Congratulations to you for showing those things to Marty, and congratulations to him for finding those things for himself. xo

  3. I had not thought about being on the parent end of a wedding until reading your post. My kids are still teenagers, so that's down the line, if it happens, but I can now imagine it as yet another profound milestone in the experience of parenting. Thank you.

    I was quite moved by your description of Marty's newness in each stage. It is remarkable how different children are in the various stages of growing up. I suppose we continue to do that as adults, over a longer period, though we don't honor or recognize it so much.
    Congratulations on this new stage of Marty's life, and I hope the party was most excellent. :)


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