Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Science here, there and everywhere

photo Stromboli.jpg
In school, science is
"a subject."

In the real world, science is a way of seeing, and thinking. Curiosity, observation, speculation, examination, comparisions, openness to surprises, and practice with rational thinking help one learn about things seen and unseen, small and large, from a smoking volcano to a shell on a beach to an icicle in the sunshine.
photo by Dylan Lewis, in Stromboli

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  1. Yes, Sandra, indeed! We just had two wonderful days of shelling in South Carolina and found huge whelks with older locals that showed us their secret spots... It was awesome. I learned so much, just like the girls. We learner from those new friends' passion, from the sea, from our discoveries... Yes, science is so much more than a subject!


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