Monday, March 11, 2013

Magical robbery?

 photo DSC02683.jpgThere is a kind of magic thinking that says television can rob people of their imagination, but that if parents sacrifice televisions, children will be more intelligent.
. . . .

[A]mong unschoolers there are many who once prohibited or measured out TV time, and who changed their stance. Learning became a higher priority than control, and joy replaced fear in their lives. I can't quote all the accounts I have collected, but I invite you to read them.
Photo by Sandra Dodd, at Legoland Windsor, of the kind of plane kids can see on TV!

The quote is a re-run on this blog, because it's four minutes to midnight and I forgot to make a post today! I blame a nap, the lyrics game on facebook, and daylight savings time!


  1. ALWAYS blame daylight savings time!!!

  2. from e-mail:

    I just want to thank you for the time, effort, and love you put into these snippets and your blog. (And your humor as you justify a repeat now and then!). Each morning I find great joy in reading what you have to say, and it helps me to connect with and remember what I want to experience in this journey of life. Everyday I feel such deep gratitude for our family experiences and dynamics and our method of "unschooling", and I continue to stay open to new ways and new adventures that could offer even more diversity to our sort of quiet life. I have had my moments of panic, wondering if I'm doing enough, doing it "right", if I've ruined their chances for a quality education, and then beautiful people like you pop up on my email giving me a reminder to look around, look at what my children do and who they are, and instantly any and all doubt dissipates into the nothingness from which it came.

    I am so grateful for pioneers like you who have helped pave the way for my children who in turn will help generations to come...


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