Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gratitude and abundance

Last night I was tired. Holly had gone out for the evening. Marty had gone to bed because he works at 4:30 a.m. Keith was busy. I thought... I'd like to just go to sleep.

Then I looked up and there's food to be put away, and the counter was all full of dinner.

At first I felt whiney, "why me?" and kind of "DAMN it, I'm tired."

Then I thought...
I'm glad we have food. I LOVE that pan I made the sauce in. I got it for collecting savings-stamps at the grocery store. It's heavy stainless steel, and beautifully shaped.

We have containers to make small meals, and I can mix the sauce (which I made in the morning and slow-simmered most of the afternoon) with spaghetti in several little containers, and someone from my family will be glad to find it at some point this weekend, or maybe Keith will save one to take to work for lunch on Monday.

I'm glad we have a refrigerator, and that people in my family not only are willing to eat leftovers, they're glad to find there's some left of something they liked the first time.

We have a dishwasher. That's really wonderful. If all I have to do is rinse dishes and fill it up, that's not much work at all.

I've been listening to World War Z. Marty says some of his favorite stories aren't in the abridged audio book, but that he's heard the audio and it's good.

So I put World War Z to play on the computer, and cleaned up the kitchen I'm glad to have, for the family I love.
photo by Holly Dodd, of the sun through smoke in early summer


  1. I had just posted on my own blog about feeling thankful around half an hour before I received an email leading me to this, and I now feel even more thankful! It confirmed for me that gratitude really is the theme of the day :)

  2. Lou, you're right!! After I read your comment, I read Lori Odhner's daily "Marriage Moats," which ends with:
    "I am in the beginning stages of gratitude to people who demonstrate irksome qualities. It enables me to look in the mirror and make a different choice."

    The rest is here:

    1. Wonderful! Thank you, I really enjoyed the link :)

  3. And for others who might come by, here's the blog post Lou wrote:

    It's beautiful. Part of it is: "The world is so busy telling us we don't have enough and that we aren't enough as we are, and that's not what I want my children to internalise. I can't wrap them up in cotton wool and I wouldn't want to, but I hope that by setting an example of feeling positive about all that we have and all that we are, they will regard the world in a positive light and step out more confidently into it. I find that because I focus on what we have, anything we don't becomes largely irrelevant."


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