Saturday, August 4, 2012

Decision time

Decision time isn't about what you will do next year or for the rest of your child's life. Decision time is about what you will do in the next five seconds. I recommend getting up and doing something sweet for another person, wordlessly and gently. Never send the bill; make it a gift you forget all about. Do that again later in the day. Don't tell us, don't tell them, just do it.
photo by Sandra Dodd
(I posted part of that quote in April 2011, also with a lawn photo.)


  1. In all the busyness of the internet, I have book marked this blog for concise, thoughtful posts like this one today. Such a great reminder that their is still sanity and kindness out there and people who care about encouraging others in wonderful ways.
    I'm not yet a parent. I was public schooled then home schooled then came to unschooling as a teen. Too late to really be an uncshooler, I was still greatly impacted. I spent hours reading forums, lists, blogs and much of your writing. I implemented better choices into my life in the ways I could. I became a better person for it. If and when I have children, they will have a better childhood and a better parent because of it.
    I realized that at some point, I stopped reading the blogs, the lists, and the forum which is now closed, only to check back from time to time. I realized I wasn't as nice or as happy as when I more closely followed them, even though I mostly lurked. It was always reassuring and I'd feel calmer, the craziness of outside influences and frustration with observing so many harmful behaviors being somewhat removed. I'd see the positive to counteract the negative and have more hope again. I would feel better learning from the efforts of others being so mindful with their parenting, and noticing how the benefits naturally blend into other aspects of life.
    I'm really grateful and wanted to let you know. Even if I don't one day have children of my own, I've no doubt that I am kinder and a stronger person and that much of what I've learned from you and others has changed my life and will continue to have an impact.
    This blog is absolutely wonderful - I'm hoping to make it a habit to check back often. The few moments to read, view the pictures, and reflect have been a fantastic way to keep myself feeling centered, focused, and more optimistic. There are plenty of resources to live less mindfully out there and so few like this.
    Thank you!

  2. Thank you, Lara.

    I've quoted a little of this up to the top right (for a while) and a different little bit here:

    I hope you subscribe so you'll get a note every day even if you forget to come back to the blog.

  3. Wow, great! (I wish I'd caught my typo as "their" should be "there" in that second sentence. Please feel free to correct that should you ever quote that part.)
    And thank you- I didn't realize I could get emails! I've subscribed.
    I don't know anything about making phone apps, but this would make a great app, too.
    This was just what I was looking for and needed - those brief reminders to reconnect with living in a way that resonates so deeply- and, again, I'm so glad to have found it.


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