Thursday, October 27, 2011

Being where you are

Holly and I went on a day trip a few days ago to see her cousin, my niece. We were on a road neither of us had ever been on and might not travel again. This is a photo right out the window of the van, from the driver's seat. I used the steering wheel to brace the camera. Leaves are changing, but it's still warm for October.

Already it's history. Most of those leaves are still on those trees; not all of them, though all will fall. Holly and I will never have that day again, except in photographs and memories.

Where you are when you read this is a place where you can find value or beauty. The moment you read this is a moment you can make better, if by nothing more than breathing in gratitude and appreciation.
photo by Sandra Dodd, October 22, Los Luceros, New Mexico


  1. Love this post and picture ! Breathing a big gratitude and appreciation breath for your daily post ! Thanks !

  2. Beautiful thoughts, Sandra. How true, that life is fleeting and it really only takes a second, just a single second, to make things better. Paring things down in terms of time (i.e., not a BAD DAY but just a bad second, a bad moment instead...) allows me to sit back, breathe, and feel gratitude for the opportunity to reframe a situation in a more joyful, appreciative way.

  3. Fluffy love response. I'm so grateful for you Sandra, and all that you share. All the thinks your words make me think, all the connections they've enabled, the healing for me that has been made possible through that, the very-dear-to-me-people I've been connected with because of our shared appreciation for the things you're willing to share and the ideas and conversations you provide opportunities for, and protect.

    I am a whole human being, I look at my children and see whole human beings, and that is a miracle.

  4. Thank you, Lisa.

    One of my favorite things is seeing friendships that were formed because I had visited someone and introduced them to another family in their area, or when two people who had read my book, or been part of one of my discussions, find each other in person and visit back and forth. It makes me feel an odd but sweet little ghostly presence in their shared activities.


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