Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The more they get...

I often think back to the things I learned in La Leche League, from readings and other moms. If you nurse a child a long time does it make him dependent on the mom? Seems to be the opposite. If you hug a child every time he wants a hug, does it make him want a hug-a-day for life? You WISH!

The more they get, the less they need.

Photo of Kate Koetsier and her 10th Birthday cake by her mom, Cathy.
Quote from a very-early online chat for homeschoolers,
late 1995 or early 1996, SandraDodd.com/detox.


  1. I read this one to my sons 10 minutes ago, and they both said: "Exactly!, That's it... and how could it be otherwise ?"
    Thank you Sandra. I understood the same thing when I went to LLL meetings. I wish I had known LLL many years before or, at least, a model mother on my way.

  2. I learned this theory from Gordon Neufeld and have put it into practice....my daughter is 9 now and would rather be with me and at home than any where else....I'm stickin' with the theory and will give her all the love I can (and gentle encouragement to check out beyond the nest too) but I hafta say....sometimes it feels a little overwhelming to have a child so attached and I do worry a bit about it....

  3. I used several La Leche League analogies yesterday - must be in the wind. We have one in the UK where we say at the start of a meeting - "Take what seems right for you and leave the rest for someone else."


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