Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Learn by playing

Children learn by playing. Parents can learn about unschooling by playing. Parents can learn about their children by playing, too. Don't try to control the play. Be the guest in your child's play sometimes. If you've forgotten how to play or he doesn't want you to play, just watch, then. See if you can help by providing more of whatever he might need: space, materials, a surface, boxes or bags or tools or a photo of what he's done so he won't feel so bad about taking it apart, maybe. Maybe he needs a light to keep playing outside at night, or maybe a darkened room in the house to play with something that glows.

photo by Sandra Dodd of flower fairies by a younger Holly Dodd


  1. I really like the idea of taking a photo of what was done so they won't feel bad about taking it apart.

    So easy to do in the digital age!

  2. In French, here:
    As parents, we know that it's not only when our children were younger they learned by playing. Teenagers and adults, we learn by playing as well. And it's so nice. So even now that they are older, we are sometimes invited into their game, sometimes to play, sometimes to watch (and learn). And we continue to provide more of what they may need.


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