Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Holly took a picture of a reflection of me. I don't think I would have seen this, but Holly has an artist's eye. My face is on the hills, between the lake and the sky.

Marty can pack a car in a most efficient way, and remember all sorts of emergency or "just-in-case" equipment and provisions. He is helpful, funny, musical, and sweet.

Kirby has lived away from home for over three years now. He has a job with benefits, extra overtime, and nice, new gym. He has lots of friends at work. As he can wear whatever he wants to work, his desire to dress up was unfulfilled, so He bought a nice suit to wear to parties. He recently purchased a very nice car, without any parental assistance on financing. (We offered, but he wanted to establish credit.) He paid $5,000 down on that car, to the chagrin of the finance desk at the dealership. He has no student-loan debt whatsoever.
Is any of that "success"?

"Success" might be as ghostly and insubstantial as that image of me in the photo above. It can look nice, but how permanent is it? How warm? How strong?

Look at the immediate benefits of your decisions.
Look for the good parts of today.
Look for the value in this moment.

The ideas above grew too large for this format,
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photo by Holly Dodd

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  1. This came to me by e-mail through facebook, so I'll quote it, but if the author gets a chance to put it in the comments, I'll delete this one by me.

    "The site won't allow me to comment, but I just wanted to thank you for the daily email from "Just Add Light and Stir." It's always a pleasure to read every morning, and, as usual, you are spreading optimism, encouragement, and plain old good sense. Thank you, Sandra."



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