Sunday, January 23, 2011

Strength and teens

Once someone posted on a list I was on that "raising a teenager is like nailing jello to a tree."

HOW MUCH HAPPIER those families could have been had they dealt directly with one another as the actual people they were instead of taking on roles and spouting phrases they happened to have at the tip of their tongue (without thinking of where those bits of pre-formated dialog came from)...
I LOVE my teens.

When the story above was new, I had three teens. These days I'm down to one nineteen-year-old, my youngest. When the jello quote was posted, I objected and ended up leaving the group. I have continued to defend what I think is right and good, and I continue to have good relationships with my children.

Having teenagers grow up at my house was not like nailing anything to anything. They grew up like unharmed trees, and their strength and shade are a shelter to their parents and their siblings.
Warm, Safe Saturday
photo by Sandra Dodd

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