Thursday, July 18, 2013


History, science, gardening, tradition, the physics of simple machines, color, art, children's games, materials, geography... No matter what topic you choose, what collectable objects you favor or trivia that appeals to you, following that interest will lead you to many "facts" and "truths." Trivia perhaps, but enough trivia will create a detailed model of the universe.

Wheelbarrow things
photo by Sandra Dodd


  1. "Enough trivia will create a detailed model of the universe,"...
    that is a poem. Thank you for the wheelbarrow.

  2. Thank you, Joy. I didn't see this until today. I like it. I think I'll use "my poem" for Just Add Light and Stir.

  3. Oh! This IS Just Add light and Stir. I thought it was the wheelbarrow blog for a moment. But I can use the poem anyway, and link it out and about. :-)


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