Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Look, look, look

 photo 000_0197.jpgLook at the learning.
Look at the passion.
Look at the child.
—Patricia Nespor Platt
photo by Kirby Dodd, excited about a game, but not Minecraft

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  1. A reader wrote that it seemed Kirby was flipping the photographer off, and she wasn't offended, but I should be aware.

    I wrote and said I thought he was pointing with his index finger, but I would write and ask.

    Here's Kirby's response:

    Kirby Dodd 10:51am Mar 20
    Hahahaha. Yes I am. That was right after the guild of ABQ folk and I killed "Lady Vashj" after six weeks of attempts. I was flipping off the villain, not the people.

    So I'm sorry if anyone was offended by Kirby's middle finger. I didn't realize it. He was, though, sincerely excited. :-)


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