Friday, October 5, 2012

Courage and confidence

When you're thinking about what unschooling can bring into your life, don't forget confidence, or courage. And do things to build that, so your children's lives and worlds expand.
photo by Holly Dodd

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  1. I'm bringing this from Facebook, where it will soon be lost in the stream of noise.

    Karen James wrote, on the Radical Unschooling Info page:

    I wanted to comment on today's Just Add Light and Stir. Over the past four years or so, I've been reading and learning from the Always Learning list, and enjoying the daily thoughts shared on the Just Add Light and Stir. Because of what I've read, tried, witnessed and learned, I've lost most of my fears of the world's influence over my son, and grown quite confident as we explore the big wide world together. The really cool thing, is that my growing confidence has had a wonderful influence on my son's confidence too. Ethan and I were going out to dinner last night together. On the way to the car, Ethan hopped and exclaimed, "You know, I really feel like I could do ANYTHING these days!" I smiled and said, "Oh yeah, that's good feeling." He said, "It's GREAT!" and ran the rest of the way to the car.

    So thanks so much to everyone who has taken so much time and care to help parents like myself learn to live with my son in a more confident and courageous way!



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