Friday, October 21, 2011

Playing With Ideas

Natural learning is about making connections, in history, philosophy, belief and practice. Tie in music, art, science, geography, patterns, religion, animals, minerals or vegetables. This is unschooling practice and strewing practice, except that it's as real as anything.

Scatter it out and rearrange it!

On October 20, I went to sleep happily thinking this post was all finished and ready to go, but I had forgotten the photo. So I'll explain what this is. When I visited Wales, I bought this big, gaudy umbrella as a souvenir. In New Mexico, we rarely need umbrellas. A couple of years later, I had baby seedling trees that were perishing from too much sun, so I set the umbrella up for them, to simulate a mother tree's shade, and it stayed a couple of months. Trees can need shade more than people need umbrellas, in Albuquerque, and that's an oddity I'm used to.

I edited the text a couple of words, too, after it went out by e-mail. I had already edited the intro to the Thinking Sticks blog, and meant to change this, too. (I took out "help me" at "tie in music...")
photo by Sandra Dodd

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