Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I love the internet

#1 reason to love the internet: You're reading this page!

#2 reason to love the internet: pictures, music, video, art, voices... (Oh wait; that's lots of reasons!)

I love the internet,
I love my website,
I love history, and
I love the future.

Robyn Coburn wrote something once about her dad, who was a professional juggler. I put it on a webpage, as a connection from another juggling page I had, and...

One thing led to another. She got to see video of her dad juggling. You can see it too, because the internet is wonderful.

photo by Sandra Dodd
Robyn, on her dad, and the video of him


  1. me too. The internet is a wonderful thing. It has enriched my life, and my children's lives in more ways than I could count! thank you for making me think about not taking it for granted :)

  2. I am in awe of his juggling! No wonder she was so thrilled to see those videos. Very fascinating! Thanks for writing about this. It makes me want to support my kids' interests even more! We can't know where anything will lead.


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