Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An advance vision of homeschooling

I went to school. Most people reading this probably went to school. But most people reading this probably are not sending their children to school. Many of you are probably finding that your vision of homeschooling isn't exactly the same as the reality of your child's life at home. I know my own vision missed coming true.
. . .
I don't mind that my vision failed. The realities of longterm natural learning were not within the scope of my beginning-homeschooler imagination. If their lives had unfolded as I had predicted they would have been smaller and sadder. I'm very happy to report that their real, natural, unschooled lives are both bigger and happier than my imagination.

The quotes are the beginning and end of "Books and Saxophones, SandraDodd.com/bookandsax
photo of Holly and Veronique by Sandra Dodd

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