Saturday, January 1, 2011


I want to ask each person who reads this to do one extra thing... it will just take a minute.

Each day for a year, could you add one minute to the time you spend with a child? Any child. One extra minute. If you can infuse that moment with love or compassion, bonus!

I suppose that would be a minute you could be doing something else, but I doubt it would be something better.

Total request: 365 minutes. A little over six hours, out of a whole year. I'd really appreciate it, because it would make my own life, and my kids' lives better too. And I'll be at my house, or out where other people's kids are, trying each day to add one extra, special minute too.

The photo was taken at a pond near Ithaca, New York, by Karen James. When she gave me permission to use it, she wrote:
My son noticed the patterns in the ice. He dropped down on his hands and knees to observe and explore. I dropped down with him and was thrilled I did :) Through the eye of the camera, that four inch thick ice looked like an ocean, or a drop of water under a microscope. I loved the experience of looking into it!

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