Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Snowbanks and socks

Colleen Prieto wrote:

I was thinking the other day about husbands and chores and how many people I've heard say that it shouldn't be their job to pick up after their husband. I never thought of picking up my husband's things as being my cleaning up after him - I've only thought of it as cleaning our house. Does it matter whose laundry or dishes they are? Does he shovel only his own side of the driveway and leave me to climb snowbanks to get to my side of the car? Dividing things yours-and-mine, even socks, in one's internal thoughts doesn't seem to add much happiness.

quote from Chores, Serving others as a gift, tales of kids helping out voluntarily
but another good link would be
Why 50/50 is a problem
photo by SandraDodd
of Ester Siroky's kitchen, one day

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  1. When I went to find an image to go with Colleen's story, I thought it would be nice if I could find a photo of a kitchen with dishes, or of laundry, especially socks.

    How wonderful, then to find this one with dishes in the kitchen AND socks hanging! In Scotland, they have clothes-drying racks on pulleys. They let them down to load and unload, and pull them up (and latch the... loop). This one has socks on it!!

    Had there been snow out the window, it would have been too perfect. :-) My plan B was to find a snow photo.


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