Saturday, October 6, 2018

Confidence oozes out

Once your own child starts to grow and change, then the confidence isn't external. It's not "I believe this will happen because I've seen it happen elsewhere," it's
"I believe it's happening because it's happening. You can't deny that I know my child learned this without school." And so the confidence that those families then have oozes out to other families. And this is an advantage of those many years passing, is there's a lot of experience, a lot of examples, to see.
photo by Janine Davies

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  1. Looking at this photo in May 2021, I'm extra happy to have met all three of those boys (now young men taller than I am), and to have been to all three of their homes, and know their parents.

    I will probably never go to the UK again, and sometimes Just Add Light Stir is my memory album. I hope it can be that, in some way, for everyone here.


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