Thursday, August 24, 2017

Inventory your abundance

You don't need a full list of things to be grateful for, to feel abundance. Maybe think of three, and then take that smile into your next few hours, if you can.

Here are three of mine: Kirby and his wife own a house (own a mortgage, anyway) and this is their beautiful walkway at night.

Marty and his wife will have a son, in December or January.

Lately and coming up, Holly has participated in several interesting and unrelated classes and workshops in dance, songwriting, burlesque, and yoga.

It's fun to see them continuing to stretch up and outward, and it's nice late at night to know they're all safely asleep in their various homes.
photo by Destiny Dodd


  1. what a beautiful and unique approach to gratitude with appreciation for the daily renewal to my life,

    brian s, bryn athyn pa

  2. Your post is timely for me, as so often happens. Thank you, Sandra.


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